Deluxe Hanafuda Deck
Deluxe Hanafuda Deck
Deluxe Hanafuda Deck
Deluxe Hanafuda Deck
Deluxe Hanafuda Deck

Deluxe Hanafuda Deck

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Don't miss out on our limited edition red deck! Check out our special Deluxe Black & Red Hanafuda Deck Duo!


Players: 1-2
Playing Time: 30 Min
Ages: 14+

Hanafuda are traditional Japanese playing cards that employ aesthetics, rather than numbers and suits, to configure the deck. Our deluxe edition includes 48 stunning cards and a plethora of extras that allow you to:

  • Learn how to play Koi-Koi with easy-to-follow English rules and examples.
  • Easily collect sets and points with a month and set reference for each player.
  • Discover new ways to play with 8 Koi-Koi variants & our wandering visitors variant.
  • Play Koi-Koi solo with a brand new variant designed by Bruno Cathala.
  • Understand the details with an in-depth section about the history of Hanafuda.


The Artwork: 12 beautiful monthly sets featuring seasonal flora and fauna with artwork by Vincent Dutrait across 48 uniquely illustrated cards.

The Cards: Heavyweight, hand-assembled cards in a 55x33 mm classic Hanafuda card size.

The Deluxe Extras: Our unique, deluxe edition includes:
  • Gorgeous box with sleeve
  • Easy-to-follow English rulebook
  • Month and set reference for each player
  • Appendix with numerous variants
  • Original Wandering Visitors variant
  • Bruno Cathala solo variant
  • History of Hanafuda section

Photography by Ross of More Games Please